Joaquín Díaz

Kari waits for me
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Kari waits for me

Grabación doméstica

Cinta magnetofónica
1965 - Inédito
Intérpretes: Guitarra y voz: Joaquín Díaz
Voz: Enrico Fortunato
Voz: Andrés de la Oliva

Técnico de sonido:


Kari waits for me at home,
oh Kari waits for me.
I see her standing there beside the restless sea.
Kari waits for me at home,
oh, I´m a sailor free.
I'm a sailor born to roam,
while Kari waits for me.

Many girls in far off lands
have many charms to see.
They'll not wear my golden bands,
while Kari waits for me.
Let me ride the Lonely Prince
that carry me to shore,
till the I can to see my Kari,
Kari once more.

Blow ye trade winds, fill the sails,
oh blow, ye trade winds blow!
Blow thro' the stormy gales
and homeward we will go.
Homeward to the snow capped
mountains rising from the sea,
homeward to the land, I love,
where Kari waits for me.